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LivingFoodscapes™ Organic Garden Care

Healthy Gardens, Happy People

At LivingFoodscapes™ we are passionate about life – so we are proud to offer Organic Gardening as an ethical, sustainable alternative to conventional gardening practices. 


Where other gardening practices PROLONG the problem, our solutions have immediate and permanent results, saving you money and saving the environment in the long-term!

Our Promise:



  • One-time only, OR
  • Recurring Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Appointments

No lock in contract!


Our primary service includes:

  • Mowing
  • Whipper Snipping
  • Lawn Edging
  • Weeding
  • Clean Up

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Organic Garden Care

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

LivingFoodscapes is committed to providing the highest level of service and ensuring your satisfaction with our work. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the services we have provided, please let us know immediately. We value your feedback and will make every effort to resolve the situation to your complete satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Organic Garden Care?

Much safer for children and pets, organic gardening is a sustainable method of maintaining lawns and gardens using natural products and methods that promote healthy soil, plants, and ecosystems without the use of synthetic and toxic chemicals. Organic gardening helps reduce pollution and restore fertility to the environment for future generations.

2. Why Choose Organic Garden Care?

Conventional gardening is unethical due to the application of poison.

This practice should be stopped immediately, as agricultural chemicals have been shown to contaminate ground and rain water, threaten bee populations, and cause life-threatening illnesses in humans.  It is crazy to think people consume food grown with such hazardous substances, or choose to surround their homes with such toxicity. Choose ORGANIC today for your health and well-being!

3. How Does Organic Garden Care Work?

Our methods have proven efficacy, with a range of different procedures to suit different gardens. Our observations have been that poison chemicals do not work effectively enough against bugs or weeds to warrant the negative implications to life.

Nature will always win; the lesson is to stop fighting Nature. When we co-operate with Nature, we also win!

4. What Happens When It Is Raining?

We understand seasonal variations and harness these to our benefits as much as possible. Timing garden duties such as pruning, mulching, harvesting, fertilisation is crucial, and certain times of the year are better suited for such tasks.

However, unpredictable weather events can sometimes disrupt our scheduled services. Rest assured, in the event of serious weather, we will work closely with you to reschedule the appointment at the earliest convenience.

5. How Long Until I See Results?
Generally, the results are instantaneous. Unlike conventional methods, which might leave sprayed weeds to wilt, which looks unsightly, manual removal of weeds makes the area look brand new immediately.

You will see improvements in fertility within a few weeks to a few months, as organic garden care practices work to restore soil health and promote growth.

  • One-time only, OR
  • Recurring Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Appointments

No lock in contract!

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