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Live Forever through your Legacy

Permaculture systems stand the test of time!

Food Landscapes produce ENORMOUS amounts of food and wealth automatically – FOREVER – whether you or anyone else cares for the ecosystem or not! 

Nature does most of the work!

This does not happen by accident.

Automatic Wealth is achieved through GOOD DESIGN!

GOOD DESIGN can mean the difference between

GOOD DESIGN can mean the difference between


We know how it feels to be SO INSPIRED you just want to get some trees in the ground ASAP!

The thing is, when we throw trees, fences, structures and access paths randomly, without considering the landscape’s geography and microclimates or nature’s patterns and flows, we can create CHAOS, which can be costly both short and long term.

We need to think things through first.

Permaculture Design Helps Us Design Our Way To TRUE Prosperity

All Physical Landscaping
should really be prefaced with:

  1. Holistic observation of the landscape
  2. Extensive planning and research
  3. Creative design and redesign

The more we work with Nature,
The better life becomes

The more we work with Nature,
The easier our life becomes

Permaculture Design Emphasises:

  • Healthy environments and people
  • Energy efficiency and conservation
  • Ecological function and fertility 
  • Symbiotic harmony
  • Thoughtful waste management
  • The creation of rich soil and high quality food

In Permaculture Design, NOTHING is Arbitrary

Everything has Purpose and Reason

All natural phenomena, patterns and features of the landscape are accounted for, from the big picture to the microscopic details, and all elements arranged symbiotically, so that they benefit each other element.

Science, Art and Strategy

Permaculture Design is about orchestrating a complex sequence of life-rich events intended to unfold over many years!

Ideally, each element (tree, structure, fence, path) is placed intentionally to fulfill four major criteria:

  1. Increase beneficial yields
  2. Perform multiple functions
  3. Form multiple beneficial connections
  4. Support workflow and energy efficiency

Maximising the results,
Minimising the work

Good Permaculture Design is not only functional, scientifically sound and ecologically beneficial, but artistically engaging, with thought put to colour, texture, proportion, mood.

Such synergy and form enriches our senses, clears our mind and puts us at ease.

Selecting the Right Plants

Not every plant will be suitable for your environment. 

Every plant has specific requirements, impacts, sensitivities, strengths and unique characteristics.

For example:

  • Certain plants help each other grow. 
  • Others will antagonise and hurt their neighbours.

Always Start Small

Although it is tempting to launch a massive project, by concentrating our efforts on small, localised areas not only can we have a more powerful effect, we can study the gradual impact of our actions on the environment while leaving options open for further refinement.

✔ Review, Adjustments and Confirmation

You will have opportunities to review the design and provide feedback. We take your notes seriously. Your feedback is then applied to the design and we make final adjustments and revisions to the design.

The End Result?

You receive a digital and physical, personalised, strategic Permaculture Design for YOUR OWN Productive Edible Paradise!

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