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Cut thousands off your grocery bills!

Food lovers,

Indulge in the highest quality, rarest and tastiest foods possible!

Create an amazing legacy!

Increase your health, wealth and freedom – start today!

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Grow The Solution

Grow The Solution

What is Food Landscaping?

Imagine a botanical garden or a wild rainforest where the majority of what you see – trees, shrubs, vines, herbs, mushrooms, flowers – 

Are all edible, extremely useful, and HIGHLY VALUABLE! 

A Permaculture Food Forest is a productive, man-made ecology modelled after the complexity and resilience of natural ecosystems.

Natural ecosystems thrive without human intervention

By aligning with Natural Law, food landscapes grow to thrive without the need for constant stress and maintenance – and support you with an endless supply of clean foods and resources! Year after year! 

Food landscaping saves you time, money and energy, 
while healing the planet!

We Specialise in
Permaculture Design and
Adelaide Food Landscaping!


Make your life richer with this RARE opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind, custom FOOD LANDSCAPE

Semi-Arid / Mediterranean

Adelaide Could Be a True Paradise!

We are blessed to live in this climate!

Depending on the unique characteristics of your site (and your passion for pushing limits) we can experiment with species from many climates including:

  • The Drylands – fig, pomegranate, grape, jujube, dates 
  • The Subtropics – citrus, avocado, mango, guava, sapote
  • Temperate Zones – apple, peach, plum, apricot, mulberry

At LivingFoodscapes™ we source hundreds of different species and varieties.

We are on a mission to transform South Australia into a STRONG AND RESILIENT PARADISE with your help!

Why Choose Us?

Environmentally Friendly

High customer satisfaction and strict organic practices. We are mindful of our actions on the environment and future.

Years of Experience

Over a decade of experience. Feel confident your garden will receive the best care, and stand the test of time.

Tastiest, Rarest, Ripest, Freshest, Cleanest Food

Thousands of unique varieties, unique tastes, colours, aromas. New fruits, new flavours, new experiences!

Efficient and Professional

Skilled, friendly service; results to a high standard.

Benefit You, Your Family, and Your Community

Save and generate money. Become healthier. Increase the value of your home. Bring people together.

Survive the Apocalypse

Localised food security, access to clean water, resources and propagation material.

Our Commitment to Life
and the Future

Every Permaculture site serves as a resource bank to preserve genetic diversity, as well as a chemical-free sanctuary for a wide range of plants and animals, which helps regenerate fertility, as well as educate and empower people while healing our environment. 

What a positive legacy we can create together!

100% Organic

Soil Rehydration

Food Abundance

Friendly Pollinators

Healthy Humans

Soil Creation

Stable Ecosystem

Grow Eden

This is the CUTTING EDGE of human evolution.
Get ahead of the curve while you can!

Adelaide Food Landscaping Gallery

So Much Abundance it Cannot Help but Overflow

As people embrace Permaculture, we will see a new paradigm emerging: a freer, healthier, more conscious and empowered population living in accordance with Natural Law, coexisting in symbiosis with the living world, in a habitat that truly serves us.

No longer will people be dependent on failing systems thanks to the local provision of our essential needs such as pure water, clean air and the highest quality food – even decentralised electricity generation and means of exchange. 

We can create independent, clean, resilient, productive, stable, fertile environments that help moderate weather extremes and calm the temperament of the people, providing safety and security with endless opportunities for truly fulfilling work with a real return on investment!

What a Gift for the Future!

Freedom, health, wealth – a sanctuary for love and life, healing most sickness, ending poverty, mitigating crime, violence and trauma – we can become the most positive element on the planet creating more stability and fertility faster than anything else.

Food Landscaping is the path to evolving our species into super-humans, mastering life on earth, and expanding our consciousness.

Imagine a Permaculture Designed Paradise LivingFoodscapes™

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