Cut Thousands off your Grocery Bill!

Australian food prices are HIGH right now, and this trend is set to continue.

Australian Food Prices are on the rise! 

With the rising cost of living, Aussies are feeling the pain.


– Some have cut back on food
– Many have resorted to cheaper options

– Shop lifting has increased, and with this surveillance. 

Recent events have highlighted vulnerabilities in the supply chain.

You cannot rely on the supermarket during times of crisis!

With the instability of today’s economy, who knows what the future may bring…

What we do know, is the average Aussie spends tens of thousands of dollars per year on groceries.

A perpetual expense. Lifetime consumers.

And what’s on offer? 

The same old, conventional produce. 

Grown for profit, with poison, low nutritional content, and supporting unsustainable systems.

A lot of people are hungry for change. 

What’s the better solution? 


A one-time expense with Permanent Value.


You are what you eat.

For supreme health,
Food quality matters!

Benefits of Growing Food at Home:

Enjoy Delicious, Rare, Seasonal Produce. 


Your own garden grants you access to an ENORMOUS range of fruits and vegetables. There are so many that you have probably never even heard of. Your favourite flavour could still be awaiting you to discover. You might be surprised what exotic fruits can grow in your own backyard!

Nothing beats in-season, freshly picked produce. Healthy and RIPE, straight off the tree. 

All meals taste INCREDIBLE when made with the most local, fresh ingredients, 

Nothing compares to the feeling you get from filling your cells with fresh living foods, at maximum nutrition, peak ripeness, and deep flavour!

High-quality FOOD is hard to FIND!

When you bite into a fresh juicy fruit right off the tree - its a totally different experience!

Elevate your palate with fresh herbs like mint and parsley, that can turn ordinary meals into masterpieces.

Form a strong connection between you and your food. 

Break free from the ordinary and embrace a lifestyle where every meal is a celebration. 

Feel the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your food comes from and how it is healing you.

Unleash your inner chef and let the magic of your food garden transform your cooking and improve your experience of life! 

More Flavour and Nutrition. 


Organic, living foods, with moving, flowing water, the cells still active and alive, packed with juice and nutrients and minerals and vitamins, still growing. This is the ideal state for your food to be in.

This diet improves your health, making you stronger, more immune and working to prevent all sorts of diseases.

A Higher Standard.


Start a chain reaction of positive changes!

Industrial food production compromises freshness, taste and the nutritional value of our food. This then compromises our health and wellbeing.

Supermarket food is picked premature for transportation. This means the presence of enzyme inhibitors and other toxic cofactors that would otherwise not be present, are still within the foods. 

The transport is also long, and energy and labour intensivePlants begin losing their life-force IMMEDIATELY after they are separated from the plant, with diminished vitamin content the longer it decays.

The process of food production, transport, distribution and retail is long, inefficient, and full of exploitation, waste and pollution.

Food, water and air are our most basic needs.

All are polluted in the current paradigm. This is not healthy, not efficient, not ethical, not sustainable. It weakens the nation at its core. We must start with a good foundation, or we will collapse. 

You Stop Food Waste. 


Millions of tonnes of food is thrown away each year to rot and stink in the dump. 

When you grow your own, you significantly reduce the food waste, while becoming involved in the rewarding process of creating soil. Soil is our most valuable asset and its supply is dwindling – make some today!

Australian Food Prices are shockingly expensive.

Stop wasting your hard earned money on pollutive crap.


Do NOT Miss Out!

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