Benefits of Permaculture & Food Landscaping

The benefits of Permaculture are on full display with LivingFoodscapes™ Food Landscaping and Permaculture Design service.

Feel ALIVE with Living Foods

Loaded with rare vitamins, minerals and unparalleled TASTES!

Improved Health. 

  • The freshest, purified air.
  • Local access to clean water.
  • The most concentrated and complete nutrition.
  • Heightened well-being and personal satisfaction.

Cost Savings.


When you evolve your backyard into a sophisticated botanical masterpiece with Permaculture Design and Food Landscaping, you generate an abundance of the RAREST and highest quality fruits, superfoods and natural medicines.


  • Reduce reliance on unsustainable and unethical industries
  • Closed loop systems that interact beneficially with one another
  • Enjoy consistent harvests all year long!
  • Experience flavours you have never tasted before!

Environmental Benefits. 

  • Stop contributing to pollutive industries.
  • Start building soil, increasing the health of your ecosystem
  • Support beneficial pollinating insects

Water Conservation. 

  • Anti-evaporation strategies
  • Water harvesting and pacifying techniques

Healthy Connection with Nature. 

Food Landscapes are a lot of fun to just walk around in and explore!
  • Strengthen your intrinsic link with the natural world
  • Learn the wonders of life
  • A feast for the senses, with aromas, tastes, textures, visuals and melodies

Community Engagement. 

  • Bring your friends and family together 
  • Create a sense of community around food production

With all these benefits of Permaculture,
growing food has never been so easy and rewarding!

STOP paying inflated supermarket prices for low quality produce!

Grow the Sacred Garden
and Start Benefitting


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